window cleaning

At NCM we use the latest technology in ladderless window cleaning: the water fed pole. This system uses purified water to scrub the window and agitate any dirt and residue that is on the glass, we then rinse the glass to wash off all impurities to leave you with clean and streak free windows. We feel this not only offers a more deep and thorough clean but also a safer clean as we can do this from the safety of the ground.


The benefits of using the water fed pole include:

  • No soapy residue left so windows remain cleaner for longer

  • No need for detergents, therefore environmentally friendly

  • Reduces and avoids many risks that can happen with ladders

  • Frames, sills and doors cleaned on every visit 

  • Less chance of property damage

  • Can be cleaned in light rain or drizzle

  • Can reach inaccessible windows

FREE Estimates for both commercial and domestic cleaning services.

We also offer internal window cleaning if required

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